Requirements for Stay of Foreigners in India

stay-foreignersThe foreigners to India are required to comply with the purpose of their visit according to the visa applied for. If the validity of the visa is more than 180 days then the person has to meet the registration Officer within the period mentioned in the visa for registration. Registration may not be needed for those who visits India with a visa of validity less than 180 days and who do not wish to stay longer than that period.

The foreigners coming on Tourist visa need not register it and this type of Visa is not extendable also.

Foreigners with Entry or Business Visa can stay without the need of a registration and the stay should not be more than 180 days.

Those foreigners entering India with Missionary, Student, Employment, Research, Medical or Medical Attendant visa have to register within 14 days of their arrival.

During registration, the applicant has to provide the necessary information and sign the Registration report in front of the officer. They will be then provided with the Registration Certificate copy. If any proof of identity is required for any purpose relating to the enforcement of the Registration of Foreign rules, then the foreigner has to provide it at the earliest to the specified officer.