Rail Transport

railwayThe most important means of transport in Kerala is the Railways. In Kerala there are about 200 railway stations that connect to almost all the places inside the state as well as with other parts of the country. It enables a person to move from one place to another smoothly making travelling a pleasure experience. There are local trains as well as long distance trains which makes it the quickest method of transport through land. The railway line runs straight in the length of the state that connects all the major towns and cities. The total length of the rail route comes about 1050 kms and it includes 13 railway routes. This includes 933 kms of broad gauge lines and 117 kms of meter gauge lines.

Going towards north the railway lines head towards Goa and Mumbai. The railway lines extend towards the east to our neighboring state Tamil Nadu. There are numerous trains available that goes through a particular specified route. Each train has got a unique train name and number and all of them do not travel at the same speed. The train timings can be obtained from the particular railway station. The major stations of Kerala are Thriuvananthapuram, Kochi, Shornur and Kozhikode. The route from Kerala to the north western states particularly Mumbai is called as the Konkan Rail line. Some other important rail routes include Kollam – Madurai and Shornur – Erode.

Classes of Train Travel

There are 7 classes of travel that are provided by the Indian Railway. It is not necessary that each and every train should provide all these 7 classes. In cases when you need to travel long distances, and there is a need for overnight travel then berths have to be reserved for it. One can travel day time in the classes that come in between regular unreserved and IIIrd class. It is how most of the people travel. There are classes such as IInd AC or 1st which is mostly preferred by the rich and tourists. In such cases you need to pay around 5 times that of the ticket money. You can choose any of these classes according to your wish and ability. In most of the trains there are separate coaches for ladies.

While booking berths for travelling, it is required to be booked in advance. The tickets can be obtained from the railway stations or it can be booked online through Railway reservation sites.