To check Facebook Profile Picture Misuse

Facebook has millions of users, out of which 10% of user profiles are fake. Many get fooled by these profiles. Most of the fake profile users, misuse the profile pictures of other Facebook account holders probably pictures of girls. They use the profile pictures of others and create a fake account in any name. The original person will not be aware that their photo has been misused and a fake profile has been created using their picture.

One way to check whether your profile picture or your friends profile picture has been used to create another account is given below

1. Go to Facebook profile of yours or your friend’s

2. Right Click on the profile picture and select view image

3. Save the image

4. Go to Google images

5. Upload the saved image or paste the image URL and search by image

You can see how many profiles are there with the same profile image in Facebook. If one or more profiles are available with the same picture, it is sure to be a fake one. Make sure to report it as spam or fake profile to facebook.

However this method doesn’t work if the profile image is of any celebrities or any other famous pictures.

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