parambikulamParambikulam wildlife sanctuary is located between the Anamalai ranges in Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges in Kerala. The world’s oldest and the tallest teak tree lies here and this sanctuary is said to have the first scientifically managed teak plantation. Another main attraction of this sanctuary is the Kannimara teak tress which is around 350 years old.

There are several peaks in this area namely the Karimala Gopuram which is the tallest peak here. The Vengoli peak is said to inhabit the NIlgiri Tahrs. The tourists can climb these peaks and if possible can get a glance of these animals. There are reservoirs that are connected by tunnels and river channels and have a freshwater ecosystem. The three dams in this place are the Parambikulam, Thunacadavu and Perivarapallam.

Ecotourism Activities

This sanctuary has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Animals like deer, gaur etc can be seen wandering through the outer areas of the sanctuary whereas animals like tiger, Nilgiri marten etc. can be seen deep inside the sanctuary. Besides these there are about 250 species of birds, 285 species of flora and 1320 species of flowering plants.

The activities that can be carried out from here include camping in the forests, take a look of the animals from the watch towers, bird watching, boating, bamboo rafting etc. The tourists can conduct adventurous trips to the hilly areas and can do trekking if they get permission from the Forest Information centre at Anappady. The trekking trails can be soft, medium, tough or adventurous.

Soft Trekking Trails

This includes the Elephant Song Trail, Peacock Trail, Flying Hooves Trail and the Kannimara Trail.

Medium Trekking Trails

This includes the Tarantula Trail, Bison Trail and Dr. Salim Ali Trail.

Tough Trekking Trails

This includes the Sundew Trail, Hornbill Trail and Amphibious Trail.

Adventure Trekking Trails

Needle Peak Trail and the Rocky Ridge Trail


Accommodation is provided to the tourists who visit this sanctuary. Facilities are made at tented cottages in this Sanctuary, The Forest Department Inspection Bungalow, PWD Inspection Bungalow and Treetop huts at Thunacadavu. It is necessary to book the rooms in advance for the Overnight camping in machans at Chungam, Anappady, Vengoli, Kuriakutty and Annakal Vayal, the Dormitory at Anappady,  Community Hall at Parambikulam and the Bison Valley Lodge at Parambikulam.

Parambikulam is located in the Palakkad District. One can reach this place by going to Pollachi. It lies at a height of 300 m to 1,400 m above sea level. The nearest airport to it is at Coimbatore at a distance of 55 kms. The railway station near to this place is at Palakkad at a distance of 125 kms and the roads are connected through Pollachi, Palakkad and Kochi.

For enquiries and bookings, contact:

Wildlife Sanctuary Office, Parambikulam, Ph: 04253-245005
District Tourist Promotion Council, Palakkad Ph: 0491-2538996