Rasayana Chikilsa

rasayanachikitsaA branch of Ayurveda that deals with the prevention of various diseases and thereby managing health care is called as Rasayana Chikitsa. It means rejuvenation and the main aim of this is to attain a long and healthy life. Some other benefits of this chikitsa include good memory, youthfulness, fair complexion, body strength etc. They also stimulate the metabolic activities. It can be done in both healthy and unhealthy person. Rejuvenation takes place in a healthy person whereas the diseases are cured in an unhealthy person.

Ayurveda emphasizes on improving the health conditions of a person rather than curing the diseases alone. This can be achieved easily through the Rasayana chikitsa. The treatment helps to repair the body by rejuvenating the tissues and give the person a young look by holding back the aging processes. Rasayana helps in physical, mental and spiritual well being of the body. This treatment helps to boost the ojas which means the vital force of life and also the immunity of a person. A person is said to be ojaswi if he is in good health at all times and in all seasons. Ojas gives a person a sharp memory, brilliant performance, extreme pleasure etc.

The Rasayana chikitsa involves a very strict diet. Some of the herbs used for preparing the medicines are amalaki, trifala, ashwaganda, chitraka etc which are called as the rasayanakar. Bhasmas of metals like gold, silver etc and also bhasma of jewels like diamond, ruby etc are also used in medicines. These medicines have aphrodisiac qualities. As mentioned earlier, this treatment helps to maintain a proper health and provides a person a life which is long, disease free and also helps to maintain a normal life.

Three modes of Rasayana

The three modes of the Rasayana for providing the nutrients are

By increasing the intake of nutrients of the body by consuming more milk, ghee, satavarai etc.

By improving the digestion and metabolic activities of the body by bhallataka, pippali etc. and promoting nutrition.

By consuming herbs like guggulu, tulsi etc for improving the capability of srotas in the body.

Types of Rasayana Chikitsa

There are two types of Rasayana chikitsa. One is done for those people who don’t have long time to spend for the treatment and those who can’t take much effort. For these types of people the treatment includes a short package of Rasayana, so that they do not have to dedicate more time for the treatment and can continue their normal routine. Their treatment method includes a change in the diet and also a change in their lifestyle. The factors like the patient’s age, sex, habits, living condition, type of disease etc are taken into consideration and the medicines are chosen accordingly.

The second type of Rasaya chikitsa involves a complete reformation of the body. Those who undergo this type have to quit their routine life and they are kept in a hut that is designed for the rasayana chikitsa. They are under the observation of an ayurvedic doctor and the treatment is provided from there. The person comes out of the hut after the treatment is over and it is believed that his body would be rejuvenated completely. The old tissues get replaced by new ones and this type of treatment is considered as a reincarnation of the soul.

Before taking the rasayana chikitsa, the person has to undergo the panchakarma. Panchakarma is done to remove the toxins from a person’s body and thereby making the person ready for the rasayana chikitsa. During the treatment the patient is supervised by the ayurveda specialist.