Mouth Watering Kerala Dishes

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the unique and variety dishes of Kerala which you should not miss on your trip to Kerala.



One of the tastiest unique dish to Kerala is the tasty Palappam which is made of rice, sugar, fermented coconut water or yeast. This is served along with vegetable or any non-vegetarian dishes, be it chicken, beef, mutton or eggs. These Appams are soft and moist at the center with crispy thin texture around it.



It is one of the favorite snacks of all the Malayalees. It is a simple, easy to make, tasty evening snack made with ripe bananas. Maida coated banana fritters are deep fried in oil. The riper the banana the tastier Pazhampori becomes. Pazhampori along with tea is something any Keralite would love to have.

Beef Roast


Beef roast is a very tasty dish liked by most of the non-vegetarians. It is a finger licking dish made using fresh ground spices. The tiny beef pieces are marinated in spices and deep fried and then roasted with onions. They go well with appams, rice, chappathi, parotta etc.

Kerala Sadya


Kerala Sadya is a traditional dish which is served mainly during festivals, marriages and other important occasions. It is a plethora of several delicious vegetarian dishes. Sadya is served on banana leaf with rice at the center and all the side dishes placed one by one around it. The number of side dishes vary for each occasions and it is sure to be at least 12 of them. The main dish is rice and the vegetarian dishes include Sambhar, Rasam, Aviyal, Erisseri, Pulisseri, Parippu curry, Olan, Koottu curry, Pickle, Banana chips, Pappadam and many more. The feast begins with serving banana chips on the leaf followed by the dishes and ends with Payasam and Pazham.

Puttu and Kadala


Kerala is known to have some of the best breakfasts in the World. One such best and healthy breakfast is the combo of Puttu and Kadala curry. Puttu is nothing but rice powder steamed with some coconut and Kadala curry is the dish made with Chickpeas in coconut gravy along with some spices. There are various varieties of non-veg Puttu experimented, some of which include Beef Puttu, Chicken Puttu etc. Puttu is definitely one of the best dishes of Kerala one shouldn’t forget on their Kerala trip.

Thalasseri Biryani


Biryani is an all-time favorite of all the people and a special one in this category is the Thalasseri Biryani. Either chicken or mutton is used for the preparation of Biryani along with rice. It is filled with various spices and condiments and the meet is cooked well and mixed with rice. The pleasant aroma of Biryani itself is mouthwatering.

Kappa and Meen Curry

kappa and meen curry

Another important and favorite delicacy of the Keralites is the Kappa with its combo Fish curry. Kappa is tapioca boiled and mixed with crushed coconut and spices. Kappa is best in combination with spicy fish curry which is specially prepared using shallots, garlic, red chilies and tamarind in mud pot. Kappa is also teamed with other non-vegetarian items like beef, chicken etc. Some even team it up with spicy crushed green chilies.

Karimeen Pollichathu


Karimeen also called as Pearl Spot fish is a special variety of fish found commonly in the backwaters of Southern Kerala. Karimeen Pollichathu is a pride delicacy of Kerala. Pollichathu means frying in banana leaf. The fish is marinated with various aromatic spices and then mixed with coconut paste which is again wrapped in banana leaf and pan fried. The use of all these spices gives a rich flavor to this dish. Unwrapping and taking a bite of this dish is also an exciting task.



Pathiri is a special dish of the Malabar area of Kerala. Pathiri is made with rice and a variant of this is the Chatti Pathiri. Here, the rice pastry is layered with chicken and spices. The rice pastries are made very thin and it can be served with mutton / chicken curry.



Idiyappam is another tasty dish which is prepared by steaming rice noodles. It can be simply explained as a traditional version of noodles. Grated coconut which is an inseparable item in almost all Kerala dishes are also layered with the rice noodles. Idiyappam is served in combination with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made in coconut milk.

Kerala Parotta and Chicken Curry


A type of bread specially made by the Keralites is the Parotta. It is made of Maida or all-purpose flour along with dalda which is kneaded well, rolled and spread in a special procedure. Making Parotta requires special training and skills and only experienced persons can make them well. It is then cooked in pan and the texture of this Parotta is very soft, fluffy and in layers. It is very tasty and goes well with chicken/mutton/beef curry.

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