Mail Services


Registration of mails is a facility for providing secure transmission of the mails. Articles such as letters, postcards, books, parcels etc. can be registered. When registered a record is maintained at every steps in the movement of the article. These articles are sent under special precaution. Registration is compulsory for certain goods. In order to register a post, a receipt has to be obtained from the post office counter and extra money has to be paid as registration fees. In case if the registered post is lost, a compensation will be paid to the person.


Any object other than those that have been prohibited from transmitting can be send as parcel. The parcel that has not been registered should not weigh more than 4kgs. The weight of a registered parcel should not be more than 10 kgs if posted to branch office and 20 kgs to other addresses. The parcel should not be more than 1 metre in length.

Value Payable Post

This system enables a person to pay for the article which is sent to him at the time of receiving it. Any article registered or unregistered, parcels, letters etc. prepaid with postage and registration fee can be sent as value payable post. The amount for remittance should not be in any case more than Rs 5000.

Free Post

In this system, a person who likes to receive any response is provided with a special numerical code. These people do not require a reply card or envelope to give their responses. They need not pay any postage fee and can send the reply by simply writing their Free post code.

Surface Air Lifted (SAL)

It is a premium mailing service which is faster than sea mail and cheaper than air mail. It uses both air and surface transport for fast mail deliveries. SAL mails are transported by airmail if the origin and destination is far and is located in different countries. If both the places are within the country, the SAL mail will be transmitted by surface.