National Informatics Centre

nicNational Informatics Centre (NIC) is a science and technology organization for implementing Information and Communication Technology solutions in the government. It comes under the Department of Information Technology of the Indian Government.  The NIC was set up in 1976 with the vision that the use of Information technology in government activities will help for better governance. NIC has helped in the development of e-Governance in the country thereby enabling better and more transparent governance to the citizen.

NIC has used ICT which helped to support e-Governance to the Central and State Governments, Administration of Union territories, Districts and other Government bodies. It provides a wide range of ICT services which includes NICNET, a Nationwide Communication Network to service ICT applications. NICNET has an important role in decentralized planning, improving the Government services and the accountability to the people. NIC helps in implementing ICT projects by collaborating with Central and State Governments to ensure that the technology is available to all its users.