Malayalam Computing

The objectives of Malayalam computing projects are

  1. To strengthen our language Malayalam, using the methods provided by Information and Communication Technologies
  2. To address the linguistic barrier to prevent the Keralites from taking advantage of the new technologies.

This project is very useful for the common people to get more benefits from the Internet services such as e-mail, chat etc. It helps them to think freely rather than thinking in their mother tongue and communicating in another language.

malayalam-computeThe project of Malayalam Computing by Kerala government starts with a state wide campaign. This campaign is helpful for creating awareness among the people on the usage of Malayalam in Computers. Even talented and skilled computer users have a feeling that communication through computers can be done only in English. In Kerala, at present 90% of computers run with Malayalam support disabled.

The Malayalam computing Web portal acts as the repository of various types of information and software tools required to enable Malayalam in a computer. For example, the site will provide Malayalam fonts, video tutorials and articles on how to enable Malayalam. All the technical support will be provided through the portal.