Info Kerala Mission

Information Kerala Mission (IKM) is an e-governance project of the Government of kerala formed in 1999. It was an attempt to strengthen the local self-governance through Information Communication Technologies (ICT) applications. It has ideas for computerising and networking the local self government institutions in Kerala and is the largest local body computerisation project in our country. It addresses the issues related to local body governance, decentralised planning, and local economic development.

IKM emphasized on the transformation of the traditional existing systems to electronic systems. Various methods have been proposed and developed for this purpose. They have adopted a human-centred approach to e-governance and is characterised by the evaluation of existing systems and legacy systems and to simplify and transform them.

The main objectives of IKM includes developing and deploying software for local bodies, conducting training programmes for different users, providing technical support for the users etc. Development of software is achieved through active user participation.