malayalam-filmsCinema is popular art form which is a good entertainer and a good means of mass communication in Kerala for over a century. Other art forms such as architecture and sculpture are also a part of cinema. Since it is one of the most favorite art forms enjoyed by the masses, it has got its own influence on the culture of the people in Kerala. The viewers can enjoy the film and at the same time comprehend the reality in it. The people are capable of distinguishing between the realities from fiction. Malayalam Cinema has taken the concepts from Malayalam literature and so has made contributions to the creative and critical analysis of literature.

Malayalam cinema are those films made in Malayalam language in Kerala.The main themes for Malayalam movies are the social or familial issues which are considered more realistic. Malayalam cinema uses various technical and production techniques compared to films in other languages. India’s first 3-D film named “My Dear Kuttichathan” was in Malayalam and the first cinema scope film in Malayalam was “Thacholi Ambu” in the year 1978.

The films produced are usually low budget movies which range from Rs 1 crore to 10 crores. Malayalam films give importance to people of Kerala and emigrants from it. Malayalam films are also remade and dubbed in various other languages also.



An association of the Malayalam film actors and other members is called Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA). This type of association was the first in India. The decisions made are done by the AMMA General Body. The body conducts meeting annually and also during special situations. The members of the General Body are selected by common understanding or by voting among the members in case a decision is not reached.

Some other Organizations include

Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA)
Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce
Malayalam Film Chamber of Commerce
Kerala Film Producers’ Association
Kerala Film Distributors Association
Kerala Cine Exhibitors Federation
Kerala Film Exhibitors Association
Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA)