Computerisation Initiatives


Open Resourced Utility Management Application (ORUMA) is billing software developed by the KSEB team. This has provision to make customer friendly electricity billing and accounting. It is developed using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) technology. ORUMA is to be installed in many electrical section offices in the state. This software helps to prepare bills, register any service connections, maintain accounts and details of various customers etc.


An achievement of KSEB’s software development team is Structured and Real time Accounting System (SARAS) which is accounting software. This new software was launched for the major offices of KSEB in Kerala. This software will enable easier accounting in the KSEB offices. They can be run in any operating system and becomes operational in three phases in the Account Rendering Units (ARU).

There is a Digital Day Books Facility to replace the book documents in the offices. Any new entry being made is done in this digital book. All the payments can be made easily, monitor the processing and payments of various bills, vouchers, auto generation of journals, trial balance etc. They can also verify, pass, cancel or suspend any transaction being made in the ARU’s. This software not only helps to make the accounting easier but also provides financial benefits to the KSEB. As SARAS is a Free and Open Source Software lakhs of rupees can be saved on account of system software license fee. Initially this software would run on LAN of an ARU and then it would be made to run on WAN when the offices are networked.