Animal Healthcare

animal-healthcareIn Kerala, there is a strong network for animal healthcare. It includes 210 veterinary hospitals, 47 Veterinary Poly Clinics, 883 Veterinary Dispensaries,14 District Veterinary Centers, 9 Mobile hospitals/ dispensaries at district level, 13 clinic labs at district level,4 diagnostic labs and other related healthcare institutions.

The state government is responsible for the growth of the animal husbandry. In Kerala, the growth and development of this Sector in the last three decades are remarkable. In animal husbandry, animal health section is responsible for dealing with the health care of animals. For the economic development in rural areas, livestock development is also essential. Kerala is rich in livestock wealth. The Department of Animal Husbandry in Kerala was established in 1956. The main aim of this department is the health care of livestock and poultry production.

The major functions of the department include Veterinary services and Animal Health Care, programmes for eradicating diseases, programmes for the development of cattle, goat, pig, and poultry, Control of various diseases, special training classes for Farmers and Production of Biologicals.

The Animal husbandry department has set up The Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals. They play an important role for protecting the domestic animals and birds from infectious diseases which can be controlled through vaccination. The institute manufactures various vaccines. Some of the vaccines manufactured here include four freeze dried attenuated viral vaccines which can be used in poultry and four bacterial vaccines that are used in dairy industry. These immuno-vaccines are subjected to various testing protocols, according to the current international standards. It is then supplied to the farming community free of cost. They are supplied through a fine network of veterinary service institutions in the state. The Veterinary Biologicals, Palode is the agency which is responsible for the production and distribution of vaccines throughout the State.


Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals

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