India’s biggest mosque to be in Kozhikode

India’s biggest mosque is planned to be constructed in Kerala with the aid of residents in the UAE and Middle Eastern countries. The new mosque which is estimated to cost Rs 12 billion will be named as ‘Share Mubarak Masjid’. This mosque is part of a multi dimensional knowledge and recreational centre in Kozhikode district. Kozhikode is home to a large number of NRI’s working in the Middle East.

Mubarak Masjid is estimated to have an area of 2,50,000 square feet and can boast to accommodate around 30,000 worshippers at a time. The mosque alone is estimated at a rate of Rs 400 million. Besides it will also have a library for Islamic research and a conference hall that allows both Muslims and non-Muslims to pursuit knowledge from here.

The Masjid complex will be surrounded by a Mughal-style garden and landscaping. In the mosque complex there will be also a professional Engineering college, Medical college, Multispecialty hospital, Healthcare city, Shopping mall, Education city, Media city, Industrial City, Hotels and convention centre. This was announced by Dr M A Hakkim Azhari Kanthapuram who is the Joint Secretary of the Kozhikode based Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya which is a leading religious and charitable institution in India for helping the Muslims.

Mr. Dr Azhari who is on his visit to Kozhikode declared that about one million members mostly NRI’s of the organization have already contributed Rs 1,000 each for the project. He also declared that the construction would begin within the next six months.

The present largest mosque in India is Delhi’s Jama Masjid constructed in 17th century by the Mughal ruler Shahjahan that can accommodate 25,000 people at a time.

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