Culture Thrissur

Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala and is a cultural and intellectual hub of Kerala. It holds a special position in the cultural tourism map due to the different art forms. The culture of Thrissur can be understood from the tradition customs of this place. Thrissur represents the cultural heritage and the traditional legacy of the whole state of Kerala. It balances the traditional culture holding the modern values.

Thrissur is the center of Malayalam literature, dance, music, sculpture etc. There are many literary and cultural societies in Thrissur namely Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Academy, Kerala Kalamandalam etc that imparts training in several art forms. The Kerala Sahitya Academy conducts seminars and talks based on the art and culture of Kerala. All these societies aim at the development and promotion of the art and culture which includes dance forms, music, literature, sculpture, painting etc.

Many religious festivals and fairs are celebrated in Thrissur. Some of the main festivals celebrated are Onam, Pooram, Pulikkali etc. The unique culture in Thrissur is reflected from the various festivals celebrated from here. Thrissur is the land of Poorams and the Thrissur Pooram held from here attracts a huge crowd. It is called as the Pooram of Poorams and is the biggest of all Poorams held in Kerala. It is the Thrissur Pooram that holds the top position among the cultural attraction of this city.

Pulikkali is a festival that is special to the people of Thrissur and the performers paint their body with vibrant colors and act like tigers to amuse the audience. Thrissur city is famous for elephant lovers and annually an Elephant feeding ceremony called the Anayoottu is held from the Vadakkumnathan Temple. It is the world’s largest elephant feeding ceremony.