Basic information

Head quarters

2192 sq km

Hindu, Muslim, Christian,Sikh, Buddhism, Jainism


Population Density
1476 persons/sq km


Came into existence
July 1, 1949

Thiruvananthapuram, Chirayinkeezhu, Neyyattinkara and Nedumangadu

Revenue Division

Tourist attractions
Kovalam, Neyyar Dam, Varkala, Shanghumukham, Museum, zoo etc

35 m above sea level

Telephone code

trivandrum The southernmost district of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram and is the capital city. Thiruvananthapuram is surrounded by Tamil Nadu state in the East, Arabian Sea in the South and West and Kollam district in the North. The word Thiruvananthapuram is derived from Thiru-anantha-puram which means the home of Lord Ananta. Ananta is the serpent and is a deity in a temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The district is also referred as Trivandrum in English.

Long before the Independence, Thiruvananthapuram was the capital of the Travancore state. The geographic feature of the area is classified as highlands, midlands and lowlands. There are areas in the coastal part where cliffs are present instead of flat area and are found in Varkala. The second highest peak of Western Ghats called the Agasthyarkoodam peak is in Thiruvananthapuram. Some of the rivers that flow through this state are Neyyar River, Karamana River and Vamanapuram River. Besides, there are many lakes and backwaters also.

The main factors that make a share to the economy are tourism, Information technology, Agriculture and Education. There are numerous IT companies here such as Infosys, Nest software, TCS, CTS, IBS, Tata Elxsi, UST etc and the first IT Park in India called Technopark is located here. A large share to the economy is provided from the IT field and Biotechnology. India’s first animation park called the Kinfra Animation Park is also located in Thiruvananthapuram.

The primary occupation of the people here is agriculture and the crops cultivated include paddy, coconut, rubber, tapioca, various pulses etc. Some other occupations in which the people get engaged are Animal husbandry, fisheries etc. There are many Animal husbandry institutions here which include Poultry farms, broiler farm, piggery etc. There is a huge scope for fisheries as Thiruvananthapuram has a long coastal area.

The religious community found here are Hindus, Muslims and Christians with the Hindu community having a slight majority. People here speak Malayalam and there are people from other places as well who speaks languages like Tamil, Hindi, English, Gujarathi etc. Thiruvananthapuram has a great cultural heritage. Several contributions in the field of literature have been made from here. Many fairs and festivals are conducted from here some of the famous include International Film Festival, Tourism week celebrations, Temple festivals such as Attukal Pongala, Navarathri festival, festival at Padmanabha Swami temple etc.

Education is given main importance here and there are many educational institutions. The University of Kerala is located here. There are many Arts and Science colleges, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges etc. Thiruvananthapuram is also a main center of media. Kerala’s first newspaper, Kerala Chandrika was published from here.

Thiruvananthapuram is well connected with all other places through railways, airways, waterways and roadways. There is an International Airport that provides both domestic and International services. Around 82 kms of railway line pass through this district with 20 railways stations in this district alone. Water transportation is also possible due to the presence of large coast line and water bodies.

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages including tours to hill stations, beaches, backwaters, lagoons, wildlife sanctuaries etc. Tourists are attracted mainly to this place. Some of the tourist attractions include Neyyar Dam, Agasthyarkoodam peak, Ponmudi, Varkala beack, Kovalam beach, Museum and zoo, Shanghumukham beach etc.

How to get there

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456

Tourism plays an important role in providing share to the economy. There are several tourism packages…
Ph : 123456