Culture Pathanamthitta

Pathanamthitta has a rich cultural tradition. The culture of any place can be seen in the art, architecture, dance, music, sculpture, literature etc and they are preserved and handed over from one generation to the next. Pathanamthitta is a new district of Kerala; even then it has got its own cultural values.

A unique art form of Pathanamthitta is the Aranmula Metala mirror or the Aranmula kannadi. It is a special kind of mirror manufactured by the artisans of Aranmula. It is not made of glass instead it is made from alloy of lead, copper and some other undisclosed metals. The method of manufacturing Aranmula kannadi is obtained from one generation to another. It is an inherited gift and so it’s making is kept as a family secret. The Aranmula kannadi is so famous and in great demand.

Padayani is a special dance form which is played as part of a festival in the Kadamanitta Devi temple. This is a ritualistic dance form and is usually associated with the Devi temples in the Travancore region. The dancers wear masks which are usually of superhuman appearance. This ritual is conducted for 10 days and an important feature of this dance form is that the martial art forms of Kerala are displayed through this.

An institution that has been established by the State Cultural Department is the Vasthuvidya Gurukulam. The main aim of this institution is to promote ancient Indian architecture. They emphasize on the preservation and promotion of Vasthuvidya and Mural paintings. Besides, renovation and conservation of old buildings and mural paintings are also done. There are diploma courses for Vasthuvidya and training courses in the application of Vasthuvidya. There is a mural art gallery here for providing information to the people regarding the mural art forms.