Tourist Destinations Kozhikode

Kozhikode which is the main commercial city of Kerala is a district with serene beaches, green countryside, beautiful hills and historical places. The vast coastal areas in Kozhikode have beaches like Beypore beach, Kappad beach, Kozhikode beach which are very calm and beautiful. There is also a backwater stretch called the Kozhikode backwaters. The natural attractions in Kozhikode include Thusharagiri waterfalls, Vellarimala, Mananchira lake etc. There is a museum and art gallery called the Pazhassi raja museum and art gallery which was established as a tribute to the ruler Pazhassi raja. There is a bird sanctuary at Kadalundi and a dam at Peruvannamuzhi. The main centers to visit in Kozhikode are given below

Kozhikode Backwaters

Kozhikode backwaters are a stretch of waterways in the Kozhikode district. These backwaters are very attractive and fascinating and it intoxicates your senses with the exotic fragrances. The water from Elathur canal, Canolly Canal and Kallai river makes the Kozhikode backwaters.

Beypore Beach

Beypore beach is in Kozhikode district and is very attractive with turquoise blue color sea. Beypore beach is situated near the Chaliyar River. This beach is a commercial one and mainly ship building is carried out from here. The boatyard here is very famous for its unique ship vessel which is called as Uru. It is constructed by traditional ship manufacturers called as Khalasis and this Uru has great demand in the Middle East.

Kappad Beach

Kappad beach which is also called as the Kappakadavu beach is in Kozhikode district. It is famous because it was here that the explorer Vasco da Gama has landed, thereby discovering the sea route to India. There is a pillar posted here with an inscription “Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498” on it.

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode beach is a beautiful beach which is a favorite of all sunset viewers. There is a lighthouse and 2 piers that extend towards the sea. These piers are around 130 years old. One is the ‘Iron Screw Pile’ pier that was built in the year 1871. It is in the northern part and is around 120 meters long having a T shaped edge. Towards the south lies the next pier. Near to this beach lies the Lions Park and the Marine Water Aquarium.

Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery

Pazhassiraja Museum is situated in Kozhikode district. Pazhassiraja museum was set up as a tribute to the famous Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma. It was him who had started the ‘Pazhassi revolt’ against the British East India Company in the 1700’s. He was popularly called as the Lion of Kerala. Memories of this great freedom fighter are preserved in a good manner in this museum.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Thusharagiri waterfalls lie in the Western Ghats in Kozhikode district. The word meaning of Thusharagiri is ‘snow covered mountains’. The whole area looks like snow capped, hence it is called so. The streams that originate from these Ghats meet to form the Chalippuzha River. From here the river parts into three waterfalls to form the Thusharagiri waterfall. The highest of the three waterfalls called as the Thenpara fall falls from a height of 75 m. It lies near Kodencherry in Calicut.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi bird sanctuary is located in Kozhikode district. It is located on a group of islands where the Kadalundi river flows into the Arabian sea. It covers an area of 3 kms and is bordered on all the sides by huge hills which are about 200 m high. Here there are various species of local as well as migratory birds.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi Dam is located in Kozhikode district and is large enough to satisfy the irrigation needs of the districts Kozhikode, Malappuram and Kannur. It is also used for generating electricity. It is also an ideal place for picnicking. There is an artificial lake where one can take bath. Boating is possible in the reservoir. Speed boat as well as rowboat services are available.


Mananchira Lake is located in Kozhikode district and has an area of 3.49 acres. It is a main source of drinking water in this place. But it is polluted now due to the dumping of municipal as well as domestic wastes. A park that is adjacent to this lake called as Mananchira Square is a famous picnic spot. It is located in the middle of the city and is called so, due to the nearby pond Mananchira.


Vellarimala is a hilly area in Kozhikode which is not usually crowded by tourists. It is an ideal palce for relaxing and one can enjoy the beauty of this place. A tributary of the Chaliyar River named Kanjirapuzha flows through the rocky areas and forms an attractive waterfall on its way. Those who like trekking can take an adventurous walk through this area.

Dolphin’s Point

Dolphin’s Point is the place where it is possible to take a look of the dolphins in the early morning. The beach is lined with trees and is very popular.

Thikkoti Lighthouse

Thikkoti lighthouse is an important monument in Kozhikode. According to history, this lighthouse was built on the remains of a shipwreck formed by the boat that had crashed near the rocks. This lighthouse reminds one of this tragic accident and so the sailors heeds to this lighthouse.