Tourist Destinations Kasaragod

Kasaragod which is the northern most district of Kerala has beautiful forts and beaches. It is a place of great historical and archaeological significance. Long back Kasaragod was the center of trade for the Arabs. The most famous tourist attraction in Kasaragod is the fort at Bekal called the Bekal fort. There is also another fort called the Chandragiri fort. There are backwaters in kasaragod one at Chandragiri and the other at Valiyparamba. The main beaches in Kasaragod are Bekal beach, kappil beach and Pallikere beach. The main centers of attraction in Kasaragod are given below

Chandragiri Backwaters

One of the major backwater in North Kerala is the Chandragiri backwater that is in the Chandragiri river of Kasaragod district. In Kasaragod, the sea lies in the west while the north and eastern parts are surrounded by the Western Ghats. There is a fort here, called as the Chandragiri fort that was built in the 17th century.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Kavvayi backwaters or the Valiyaparamba islands are the backwater stretch from Kannur to Kasaragod. This backwater is the third largest backwater in Kerala. It extends from Payyanur in Kannur to Nileshwaram in Kasaragod. It consists of many islands and four rivers are joining here. Valiyaparamba is the largest island among them with an area of about 16 sq km that is separate from the mainland and is an important fishing centre of this district. 

Bekal Beach

Bekal beach is in Kasaragod district which is in the northern most part of Kerala. The beach is very beautiful with gushing waves, cool atmosphere, pleasant climate, palm trees and sandy beaches which helps to make a perfect beach holiday. Bekal beach is considered as a virgin territory as one can experience the traditional and local hospitality of the Keralites. 

Kappil Beach

Kappil beach is in Kasaragod district at a distance of about 6 kms from the Bekal fort. In order to get the panoramic sight of the Arabian Sea, one can climb the nearby cliff called as the Kodi cliff. It is actually a visual treat and is a must visit spot for all. The tourists can spend a great time in this beach by taking a bath or playing with the waves. 

Pallikere Beach

Pallikere beach is in Kasaragod district. It is a shallow beach and provides a great view of the Bekal fort which is just a walking distance away. Large number of tourists visits this beach, enjoys its beauty and takes a pleasure bath in it. The beach is beautified by large number of coconut trees and bushes in the sides. 

Bekal Fort

Bekal fort is situated in Kasaragod district and is the largest fort in Kerala. This is a very famous and well preserved monument of Kerala. The attractive feature of this fort is its giant keyhole shaped structure. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. It is so near to the sea that the waves striking on the rocks near to the fort make the exteriors of the fort drenched. 

Chandragiri Fort

Chandragiri fort is situated in Kasaragod district. This fort is bordered by the Chandragiri River and it is very beautiful to see this fort bordered by river. This fort was constructed in the 17th century and has a total area of 7 acres. The fort made of laterite stones is square shaped and is around 46 meters in length. 

Kottancheri Hills

It is a rain forest near Konnakkaad. This hill is an ideal place for trekking and is an attractive picnic spot.


Ranipuram which was formerly called as Madathumala is at a height of 780 meters above sea level. The beauty of this place can be compared with that of Ooty. It is soon to be an important tourist center. The climate here is very pleasant. It is possible to find wild elephants roaming here.

Kanwatheertha Beach

The Kanwatheertha Beach which is situated about 3 km from Manjeshwaram has a huge swimming pool-like formation of the sea water which is its main attraction.