Culture Kasaragod

Kasaragod has a culture which is in harmony with the Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions. Kasaragod is rich in folk art forms, visual arts and festivals. Some of the main art forms in Kasaragod include Yakshaganam, Theyyam, Oppana, Mappilapattu, Daffmuttu etc.

A unique festival that is conducted here is the buffalo race. It is related to the agrarian life of the people here. The buffalo race is conducted from the fields that are freshly ploughed and it is a main attraction of the tourists. This festival is part of the cultural heritage of Tulunadu.  Another competition that is similar to this is the cock fight. It is conducted by the villagers and as this is banned legally, people do this secretly.

A musical dance drama that is held in Kasaragod is the Yakshaganam. It is the main folk art form of Kasaragod in which the performers dance according to the songs that has its themes obtained from the epics Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. There are two variations of Yakshagana namely Bayalattu and Bommayattu. Theyyam which is a ritualistic dance form held in temples are popular in Kasaragod.  It is considered as the representative of the deity in the temple.