Pythal Mala

paithalmalaPaithalmala is a hill station that is situated in Kannur district. It is part of the Western Ghats and has a height of around 1372 m above sea level. These mountain ranges extend to about 500 acres and are fully covered with dense forest. A wide variety of flora and fauna can be found here and the view of the valleys and mountains from here is breathtaking. Some other attractions of this place include waterfalls and the wildlife.

An agricultural village that is found at the valley of Paithalmala is the Kappimala which is at a distance of 2 kms from it. Crops such as rubber, cocoa, vanilla etc are grown here in plenty and it is beautiful to watch these plantations. Another agriculture village here is the Kudiyanmala at a distance of 6 kms. The government has taken several measures for developing tourism in this place. At Kudiyanmala a tourist information counter and dormitory has been set up.

Those tourists who wish to have an adventurous trip can come to this hill station. They can engage in trekking activities. It is around 6 kms journey to trek to the hill top. It is a great experience to enjoy the calmness of the nature from the top of the hill. The initial path of the trekking is a gentle climb through the forest after which the path continues through the grasslands. The top of the peak is more or less similar to a ridge that runs parallel in kilometers. There is also a watch tower here which is exciting to look from.

How To Reach

District Kannur
Near Bus Station Kappimala
Near Railway Station Payyanur railway station / Kannur railway station
Near Airport Karipur International Airport / Mangalore International Airport