Kuruva Island

kuruva-islandKuruva island is situated in a vast island in Wayanad district. It lies on the tributaries of the river Kabani. This island is covered with evergreen forests and several species of birds and plants are found here. The total area of this area is around 950 acres. This is an important picnic spot and many come here to enjoy the serene beauty of this place and can also relax from here. This island is not inhabited by any, other than the flora and fauna. From the main land, you will be taken to the island in a boat. The forest department and the local people living around this island have taken keen interest in preserving the island as well as the ecotourism in this region.

The tourists can take a nature walk and enjoy the beauty. Entry ticket is needed to get into the island. The tourists are asked to return to the starting point by 4:30 pm. Guides will be available who are the local people. You can also prefer to walk alone without the help of a guide. Trekking is also popular here. Special fee is required if you are planning for trekking. There are also tree top huts available here where one can take rest. It is available for a rent of Rs 750. There are small shops on the way to the island where one can get snacks and tea.
To take the panoramic view of Kuruva island, follow the link:-http://p4panorama.com/panos/Kuruva_Island/index.html

Rates: Entry fee : Rs 10 per person
Boat fee : Rs 10 per person

How To Reach

District Wayanad
Near Bus Station Mananthavadi at a distance of 17 kms
Near Railway Station Kozhikode railway station
Near Airport Karipur International Airport