vagamonVagamon is a hill station that lies in the Kottayam Idukki border. It has a height of 1100 m above sea level. This comprises of three hills Thangal hills, the Kurisumala and the Murugan hills. All these three hills are dedicated to the three religions Muslim, Christianity and Hinduism respectively. The Thangal hills also called as Thangalppara is located at a distance of 5 kms from Vagamon. This is a famous centre of Muslim pilgrimage as the Mausoleum of Sheik Fariduddin is on top of this hill. The rock formation at this hill is worth seeing. The Kurisumala is at a distance of 10 kms from Vagamon. This is a centre of Christian pilgrimage as there is a church there. The famous Kurisumala Ashram which is a monastery is located here. The people who visit here is a community who believes in Christianity combined with Indian customs and Gandhian principles. There are 14 crosses on this hill which are kept at certain distance apart. The diary farm located here is also an attraction to the people. The Murugan hill is a Hindu pilgrim centre as there is a Murugan temple which is carved out of rock situated here.

There are a wide variety of flora and fauna found here. This hill station was one of the main sites of the British for cultivating tea. The hills are very beautiful with green grass and colorful flowers. One can find elephants roaming about in this place. The flow of the tourists to this hill station has increased recently. They can engage in various sport activities like trekking, paragliding etc. Vagamon is popularly called as Trekker’s Paradise.

How To Reach

District Idukki
Near Bus Station Kottayam bus station
Near Railway Station Kottayam railway station
Near Airport Cochin International Airport