Shanghumukham Beach

shankumukham-beachShanghumukham beach is in Thiruvananthapuram district. The word meaning of Shanghumukham< is ‘Shanku’ which means ‘Conch’ and ‘Mugham’ meaning ‘face’. It is a calm and serene beach which is a favorite tourist destination of many. As this place comes at the tip of our country, it is spectacular to view the sunset from here. Fishing is done from this beach.

There is also a children’s park nearby. Near to the beach road lies a huge sculpture of a mermaid called as ‘Jalakanyaka’ created by the sculptor Kanayi Kunjiraman which is very attractive. The idol of Lord Padmanabha is brought to this beach to take a dip in the water during the temple festival. There is a skating school and indoor sports complex nearby that offers coaching for students.

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How To Reach

District Thiruvananthapuram
Near Bus Station Thiruvananthapuram bus station
Near Railway Station Thiruvananthapuram railway station at a distance of 2 kms
Near Airport Thiruvananthapuram International Airport