Kozhikode Beach

kozhikode-beachKozhikode beach is a beautiful beach which is a favorite of all sunset viewers. There is a lighthouse and 2 piers that extend towards the sea. These piers are around 130 years old. One is the ‘Iron Screw Pile’ pier that was built in the year 1871. It is in the northern part and is around 120 meters long having a T shaped edge. Towards the south lies the next pier. Near to this beach lies the Lions Park and the Marine Water Aquarium. Children can spend a great time in the park which has got various facilities for children. There is an old bridge on the beach and it is exciting to walk to the edge of this beach.

This shore is said to have historical significance as it had witnessed many historic events such as battles, arrival of ships from far lands etc. Various national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Indira Gandhi and Krishna Menon have addressed the crowd from here. After Mahatma Gandhi’s visit to this place, the Beach road came to be called as the Gandhi road. There is a ‘Horse’s Jumping Point’ near to the south pier where horses are made to jump into the sea, swim and reach the shore. They will be then displayed for sale.

How To Reach

District Kozhikode
Near Bus Station Kozhikode bus station
Near Railway Station Kozhikode railway station at a distance of 1 km
Near Airport Karipur International Airport at a distance of 25 kms