One of the famous and a major backwater of Kerala lie in Kottayam district called as the Kumarakom backwaters where many rivers and lakes flow into the Vembanad lake. Kumarakom is situated around 15 kms from the Kottayam town. Vembanad lake is situated in Kumarakom and its importance as a tourist destination is increasing at a fast pace. It is the largest lake in Kerala. Kumarakom is a group of islands which becomes a part of the Kuttanad area and some parts of Kumarakom lies below the sea level. It is a favourite tourist destination of most of the people as it offers other facilities like boating, fishing, backwater cruises etc. There are a number of tourist resorts in Kumarakom.

kumarakom-backwatersOn a backwater trip, one can enjoy the beauty of the trees and the greenery around the backwaters, the marine animals etc. The marine animals that are found around the Kumarakom backwaters include tiger prawns known as Konju, crabs, prawns etc. One can look for the wide variety of flora and fauna which are supported by these backwaters. Surrounding the backwater lie the paddy fields, lagoons, trees etc. The fresh water from the Vembanad lake flows into land to form small canals, lagoons etc. The soil in the Kumarakom area is very fertile due to the presence of monsoon rains.

There are varieties of boats in Kumarakom. Most of the boats are houseboats which are used for tourism purposes. Another type of boats called as Kettuvallams are used here by the locals for transportation and also for fishing. Some other types of boats include snake boats, churulan vallam etc which are mainly used for racing. Annually boat races are conducted from this lake.

How To Reach

District Kottayam
Nearest Bus Station Kottayam with a travel time of 30 minutes
Nearest Railway Station Kottayam railway station with a travel time of 30 minutes
Nearest Airport Cochin International airport with a travel time of 2 hours