Water Sports

water-sportsIn Kerala there are numerous lakes, rivers, lagoons, backwaters etc. It is also lined by sea in the west. All these factors enable tourism in Kerala on a large scale. Water sports have become a major part of adventure holidaying in Kerala. When you stay near the backwaters or beaches of Kerala, one can enjoy the thrilling experience of water sports. These beaches and backwater locations have unique bio-diversity and aquatic climate and so the water sports also ranges in variety from snake boat races to wind surfing.

Varieties of Kerala Water Sports

  • Canoeing is a Kerala Water Sport, during which one can explore the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. All you need is a canoe which can be obtained on a rental basis. Earlier this was used as a means of transportation.
  • Catamaran sailing is another sport in Kerala. Catamaran is a type of small boat which has two hulls joined together. They are largely used for adventure and leisure holidaying. Now motorized catamarans are also introduced.
  • Kayaking is another sport of Kerala. A kayak is a human-powered boat which is propelled by a paddle. Kayaking helps one to get in touch with the lifestyle in Kerala and so there are many kayaks in the backwaters.
  • Para Sailing is another adventurous sport. A rope is attached to a parachute and the other end is tied to a speed boat. When the boat moves the person is hauled up in the air and his movement is controlled by the speed boat. This sport helps you to have a bird’s eye view of the state. This sport is available in various beaches of Kerala.
  • Scuba diving is diving under the water. It helps the people to explore the wide variety of underwater life. The diver is given a special suit while diving and they carry a breathing equipment to enable breathing under water. It is mainly done by the tourists. Scuba diving is done in Varkala beach.
  • Wind Surfing is a sport where one can surf as well as sail. A surfer stands on the surfboard and holds the sail attached to it. The surfer should be able to control the sail according to the changing patterns of wind. The breezy climate in Kerala enables one to have a fantastic windsurfing.