Migrant Labour

migrant-workersMigrant labours are those who come from other states for work. A large number of migrants from states like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Orissa etc come to Kerala in search of employment. Inter state migrant is a social hazard. The migrant workers are subjected to exploitation and they are paid very less wages. These people do not stay permanently at any place. They do work in a place and leave for new work once the assignment is over. As they stay in untidy and unhealthy environment they are prone to various diseases. They do not bother about their health, wage or environment. Same is the condition of women workers who are recruited from Kerala to work in North India. The system of employment now prevalent in our state is the contract system. The workers are well organized as a result of which they get their wages on time.

During the recent years some measures have been taken to improve the condition of such workers. Several awareness programmes have been conducted to improve the health, education and situation of migrant workers. Since the wages obtained in our state are comparatively higher than their native state, the migrant workers are more interested to work here. Moreover, the workers from Kerala hesitate to take up certain types of jobs which make a demand for the migrant labours. To improve the health of migrant workers, awareness programmes like Seminars and medical camps are conducted. These medical camps are conducted at those sites where migrant labours are found and medicines are supplied to them.