Child Labour

child-labourThe total number of child labours in Kerala is very high. The majority of the child labours are boys are a small percentage are girls. Girls are seen as labours in coir making industry, fishing industry, stone crushing etc. There are two categories of workers. Some are regular workers while others do for part time. They do part time job for small duration during a day, vacations or during holidays. Some children enter into labour along with their parents when they fail to continue their studies or when the family is not able to provide them further education. The children work as assistants in workshops or in hotels. Most of them get abused and tortured by their employers. They are also paid very less income.

It is necessary to avoid child labour and make it a point to provide minimum education to the children. In the recent years some measures have been taken by the government to eradicate child labour. Child labour in homes and hotels have been banned under the Child Labour (Prohibitions and Regulations) Act. Those who violate this rule can be punished. The labour department has conducted many awareness programmes to save the children from child labour.